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“We inspire people to improve, to know, to do, and to be.”


For over 20 years,we have been committed to offer training and education based not on filling you up with ideas and methods, ultimately limiting you, but helping you use tools that free up human potential. Just as the sculptor frees the forms imprisoned within a piece of marble, allowing the stone to have the form it always had the power to be, we create concrete tools to make you both the sculptor and sculpture thus freeing you from everyday constraints, from routines, from clichés, and inspire you to find the your form, your shape, the best YOU.

This inspirational training approach is achieved thanks to the application of OMM, an innovative method carried out in a and engaging program that embraces both the personal and professional areas of your life, putting you the position to learn how to build the person you would like to be.

Our courses and programs have been followed by tens of thousands of individuals and companies around the world.

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Fausto Bigolin

After graduating in Sports at the Zurich Polytechnic and having obtained a Masters in Communication System I.N.A., I became CEO of Medidea.

I am a coach, Adult Sports (ESA) trainers’ instructor for Swiss Athletics and a health prevention and promotion expert. In addition, I have many years of international experience in corporate motivational training, change, self-awareness and team building. I am a passionate researcher of continuous improvement and an innovative entrepreneur. I personally manage three companies, I love the challenges that stimulate me to constantly learn and, in the search for new solutions, to bring out the best part of me!

Claudio Luraschi

My intent is to have the most intimate instances of people in the understanding that happiness is a direction (present) rather than a (future) achievement of a final destination.

I am a psychologist and for twenty years I have been working in the field of international training. I am also active in the organizational, public, institutional and university fields.

Shulamit Assif

I lived and worked in Milan for 15 years, where I obtained the diploma in "Advertising and Art Direction" at I.E.D. and the Master in Relational Communication, I have been studying Self-Awareness for more than 25 years. My experience has allowed me to develop methodologies to help improve the use of the brain in order to read faster, understand, process and retrieve information .My vision is of a world where curious people can easily acquire knowledge and fulfil their potentials, grow, evolve and be free to choose.

I have trained thousands of people, among which 5 years at the Ben-Gurion University in Beer-Sheva (Israel) and have held courses at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and other educational institutes, various companies, the Israeli Police and high state ufficials.

Asaf Percia

Graduated in Education and an active tutor of the “Third Millennium Pedagogy” method. In addition to transmititng this method to teachers and educators in various parts of the world, in recent years I managed the social and educational project "Youth of Light" in Israel with the aim of increasing the potential of children and adolescents.

In addition, I am the founder and owner of the Hadkeren publishing house in Israel, which constantly publishes stimulating texts related to art, education and self-awareness.

For over 15 years I personally experienced a path of daily meditation and self-awareness practicing.

Carolina Carrara

I graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Florence and obtained a dgree in Communication, specialized in Training at the University of Lugano. The passion for art and training have found their expression within a path of study, started twenty years ago, of the processes of Self-Awareness.

I am a Meditation and Yoga trainer, focused on studying the world with the aim of harmonizing mind, body and emotion for personal and professional improvement.

Franco Marsico

I have been studying the inner evolution of man and the development of self-awareness for many years.

The meeting and the collaboration with other researchers have allowed me to further deepen the development and growth of human potential.

I passionately spread centric meditation with particular attention to the dynamics that involve the mind and the heart.

Stefania Galié

I am in charge of the Movements e Sacred Dances project.

After graduating from the Academy of Fine Arts in Como, my artistic career was characterized by the study and experimentation of various motor methods related to the development of mindfulness and self-awareness. I’ve also studied the dances inspired by the teaching of G.I. Gurdjeff and I have choreographed synchronous dances as a support of linstructing processes for important Life-long learning events on international level.

Oscar Di Montigny

Dopo aver studiato scienze politiche e legge all'Università di Milano, ho scoperto la mia vera passione: il marketing e la comunicazione. Dal 1991 lavoro con soddisfazione in questo ambito, dapprima in Hotel Plan, poi in banca Mediolanum dove dal 1999 sono il responsabile marketing, divenuto innovativo con la creazione della Mediolanum Corporate University, della quale sono ideatore e fondatore. Le mie esperienze professionali, la mia indole innovatrice unite al mio percorso di formazione personale nell'ambito della Self-Awareness sono state lo stimolo a scrivere un libro, il tempo dei nuovi Eroi, che sto diffondendo in tutto il mondo unitamente ai principi dell'Economia 0.0, di cui sono l'ideatore.

Provo sempre grande gioia a condividere la mia motivazione e i principi della Self-Awareness con il pubblico che incontro regolarmente presso i congressi, gli eventi, le università ai quali vengo invitato come speaker.

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We create events and courses held directly, both live and online, by Patrizio Paoletti, a man of peace, a mentor, influencer and disruptor-coach who is has worked in personal development for over thirty years through the Human Inner Design program and the School of Self -Awareness proposes experiential training methods whose validity is confirmed by research in the neuro-scientific field and by collaborations with scientists, international Institutes and Universities such as Bar Ilan University in Tel Aviv, La Sapienza University of Rome and the Institute of Neuroscience of the Patrizio Paoletti Foundation. More

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