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Il metodo OMM

Until the last century, the guiding landmarks of life were clear and unequivocal for everyone. Today, for us, people of the 21st century - a globalized, hyperconnected century, in which all past values have been shattered - it is increasingly difficult to find what gives meaning to existence.

This gives rise to our continuous sense of dissatisfaction, and for this reason we have created OMM, the method that provides each of us with tools to build our own sense, teaching us to:

  • Listening to ourselves;

  • Understand better who we are and our aspirations;

  • Enjoy life fully;

The OMM method represents a gradual expansion of our levels of Awareness, towards who we want to be, towards what we want to manifest, towards the life we want to have in each of the 8 fields of our existence. 
 This innovative method is based on meditation, a discipline whose benefits are confirmed by science that allows us to suspend the automatic response, to stop uncertainty and to produce a mental space in which we can better understand ourselves and the events that surround us.

Inspiration Growth Education Skills LongLifeLearning Self-awareness WorkLifeBalance Potential Passion Success Aspiration OMM Talent Method Improvement Change
Change Passion Education Skills Inspiration Self-awareness WorkLifeBalance Potential Success Aspiration OMM Talent Method Improvement LongLifeLearning Growth
Passion Growth Inspiration Change WorkLifeBalance Skills Improvement Education Successful Aspiration OMM Talent Self-awareness Method LongLifeLearning Potential
Potentiality Passion Education Inspiration Success LongLifeLearning WorkLifeBalance Skills OMM Growth Change

Our Team

Fausto Bigolin
Managing Director
Luciana Pedroli
Elisa Vinciarelli
Project Manager
Bruno Figueira
Direttore operativo Portogallo
Isabel Braz
Chief Operating Officer Portugal
Marcelo Cassaca
Guilherme Silva


Claudio Luraschi
Head of Institutional Relations Portugal
Antonella Galiè
Editorial Director
Antonella Magnani
Communication consultant
Carole Iannucci
Director of training projects
Massimiliano Bartoli
Business Development Manager - OMM Project USA
Rocco Tomassini
Business Development Manager - OMM Project France
Marco Lucheschi
Legal advisor
Hila Rimon
Event manager Israel
Padideh Tosti
Head of UK - OMM Project UK
Stephen Moffit
Business Development Manager - OMM Project UK
Patricia Orozco
Business Development Manager - OMM Project Mexico
Christian Rogers
Business Development Manager - OMM Project USA
Carlo Rimoldi