Individual paths

During the year we promote and organize various international training events and conferences, with the aim of spreading methods and tools to promote personal development and self-awareness.

To this end, our training courses, innovated and constantly updated by neuroscientific discoveries, allow the development of a broader and more precise vision of behavior, thanks to the acquisition of theoretical and practical knowledge capable of generating a real change/improvement in the environment in which a person lives. We organize various workshops and training seminars to spread disciplines for supporting individual well-being.

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Easy for you

In over 20 years of activity, we have developed and optimized an ever increasing number of tools and content suitable to be used autonomously for a continuous and constant training in the growth and expansion of a peron’s self-awareness.

OMM Academy: 365 days of OMM

OMM Academy: 365 days of OMM

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Our formats are structured to provide the tools necessary to better manage entrepreneurial and managerial activity, motivating and stimulating employees and leading the company to co-construct a coherent, unified and productive vision.

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